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    Guided Tours for Adults
    About 400 sculptures by many artists from different countries: This is the 6th Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture, called Bad RagARTz. But there is a lot more to the Bad RagARTz name, for example the guides who accompany guests from near and far from mid-May to the end of October through the art landscape. The guides at this Triennial Festival do not pass on only dry facts; they also have some curiousities from behind the scenes in store. They know amusing anecdotes, exude emotions, get to the bottom of interpretations and convey interrelationships between things.

    The 7th Triennial Festival of Sculpture offers a wide range of guided tours. There are short and more extended walks, as well as evening tours or full moon tours. All of these events were very popular in 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015. Each guide has created his or her individual "style" as a guide, each one of them has his or her own personal recipe for success. Tours within the Bad RagARTz art landscape are particularly appealing. Because the exhibition with international recognition goes over six months, the environment and the sculptures both undergo the transformation from summer to fall.


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